Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Flowers, Snow, Wheels

I am going to oil painting tonight after a long break over the holidays. My watercolor class last night was delayed until next Tues due to the death of the instructor's family member. So, I painted another two from Frank Clark's Paintbox. This time daisies and snow. But, I have also been making color wheels by mixing paints using either a 3 color method or a 6 color method. I like the 6 color method the best. With the 6 color method, choose warm, cool reds, warm, cool yellows and warm, cool blues. The one I am posting is from KOI, it has a neat water cartridge paintbrush which I used to paint the colors.


Kathi Fly said...

I love your leaves! They are beautiful. I take the morning class from Marsha. My daughter lives in Auburn and dabbles in acrylic and watercolor. I have also taken classes from Brenda Stevens. I am curious about the evening class you are taking at Auburn. Is it with the Continuing Ed program?

sherrybella said...

Thank you Kathi, I visited your site as well. Love your sewing. Those shoes are great, your pastel is wonderful as well. I am taking watercolor with the continuing ed program at auburn univ. We start this tues night. I would love to touch base with your daughter.