Thursday, February 28, 2008


Representing white in a painting is a good exercise in values. White has to have color painted into it so that tonal value and volume can be described. Another beginner painting...OMG, the things that cause me problems: LEAVES and that nebulousness of the floated washes that are supposed to appear as leaves and negative painting of leaves that are not there!! This was hard, but I have to take it easy on myself, because I am trying to learn how to do these techniques. Working with an angled brush helps to diffuse the harder cast shadows, now I need to learn how to work in smaller places with that loaded to one side brush. This was fun. In the middle of painting all this, I guess my husbands frustration with the dinner table being filled with watercolor paper, paints, books, bottles, erasers, pencils, etc. got the best of him, so I moved all my stuff back to my studio...I will send a snapshot of my wall of unfinished paintings. I decided to hang them up so I would look at them often and see if I can get some of them finished.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This was a fun project. Mine is the pansies (I don't think anyone thought I did the buffaloes, LOL). I have done other Scratchboards using the small kits provided by Ampersand. It is messy because you scratch off the lights and leave the darks using tools such as broad and pointed scrapers, chisels, steel wool, etc. to achieve tonal qualities. Ever seen any of the professionals work in this area? It is so hard to believe that artists can use this media to achieve such fantastic work. I am including a sample by Sally Maxwell, she is a master scratchboard artist. Go look at her work at :

Sunday, February 24, 2008

More from the paintbox

This afternoon, I had a wonderful time doing my last painting from the paintbox book of exercises. I was thrilled to see that I had finished with the book and will move on to more exercises in another book. I am pretty pleased with this one. I got my camera on my tripod and set up in my small studio to take pictures with a fair degree of regularity now. This painting has come a little easier, I find that all this practice I have been doing, has begun to sink in and take root somewhat.

My colors are beginning to become stronger and I am working my brushes differently. I just love this process.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


It has been a while since I last posted. I have been so busy trying to get my step-mother settled in assisted living that I have not painted a lot other than doing color wheels. I did however continue with my lessons and have painted a pretty embarassing mountain scene. My watercolor teacher said, put it away for a while and come back to it later. So, I started painting a sunflower still life from a book. Susan Schewee has a PBS program in which she demonstrates watercolor and I love watching, so I got a book of designs called Beginning Watercolor...I pay homage to anyone who can do this as a beginner. Here is mine. I am mostly happy with it except for the stupid leaves, they look pretty stiff. Still don't know how to paint leaves! But I keep plugging along. Also, I need some color in the background to make those flowers the big question? WHAT DO I DO NOW??? Paint some color that might ruin all the work I have done??? Oh well, it is just paper, right?