Sunday, June 14, 2009

Workshop Painting

As I promised, I will share the critique with you. Here is the finished painting, but I cannot determine one of the typos offered in the critique:
I think you could be a little more varied with the edges, and a little closer with the drawing, but you did a really nice job on this. It looks completely convincing and has a nice style to it too. The pitcher is fantastic! You really did a great job jumping the values and getting a feeling of noth (what the heck is that???) volume and reflection in there. My only criticism is really just keep an eye on the drawing, check it over and over, and trust your edges to go a little softer from time to time - it really will aid in the overall feelings of roundness that you want.
Well, this workshop was a lot harder than the first one I did with her but I learned a lot more. Painting glass and ceramic, sliver and wood, transparent olive oil and solid garlic...then to add to it a foreshortened knife. So you can see she packed a lot into the workshop. I really like doing this.
So, I am off to create my Plein Air Auburn blog. I could not find any outdoor painters already painting in Auburn so with the help of a watercolor instructor I met, we started a group. Details to come...