Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tulip Poplar

I painted this one quickly yesterday. I committed a faux pas by copying the design of the leaf and adding everything that was there. Unfortunately, it was not a good thing to do since it added eyes to the leaf. I will have to do this one again and resist adding everything I see. I am the artist in charge of this painting and lesson learned...don't be a slave to the image!

I am working on an oak leaf and it is proving very hard...wonder how long this will take. I will show you the outline and you will see why I am having to start all over, but will work out all my mistakes on this copy before going ahead...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

White Oak Leaf

I am amazed at the loss of color when I take these snapshots of my watercolor paintings. The vibrant color is lost and there does not seem to be much I can do in Adobe Photoshop to enhance it. I am using my Canon G6 to take the picture. I will go and read more on the photography end and see if I can make things better. This leaf was found in Auburn, AL. I have a leaf press that I have put my collection in and got a book called Fallen Leaves by Louise Kollenbaum. It has sections where you can keep your leaves after pressing.

I finished the leaf today after working on it for hours at the beach during Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I painted a River Birch leaf while on vacation down at the beach. We had such cold weather, I felt it was time. I found the leaf while on a visit to my daughter, Michelle's new home in Chattanooga. I had been inspired to paint leaves by Brenda Stevens after taking a watercolor class in which we painted a leaf.