Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lisa Gloria Workshop

This is day one on the still life workshop. Most of the time spent was to do the drawing, paint mixing and underpainting from the hi-res photo emailed after paying the modest $45 fee for a 2 day workshop over the internet. I am a pretty fast painter but had a harder time with the color mixing stage. I think that I got my colors too dark because I was trying to keep up.

We did have a break at which time I got a call from my husband who was playing table tennis. He was in the emergency room after getting hit with a ball flying at him over 100mph! His playing partner took him and he thought the injury was not so severe. I worried about him for the rest of the workshop, which made me want to hurry through to get finished. We did go to an Opthamologist after he got home to have him checked out. He will be ok but he has a severe subconjunctival hemmorhage which makes him look pretty spooky. Today he does not feel too good but he went to the University to make up an exam for his students.

The good thing about Lisa Gloria's workshops is that you can go back to them to catch up, remix paints, etc. because the workshops are recorded and you can go back. I think she said they were also downloadable to your computer. Not sure about that though. Here is her website:

Here is the first days work and the photo we are working on. She also offers a critique, here is mine:
Looks good! Drawing is spot on. Transitions are a little harsh but they will be painted over so you can work on it next time. I see what you mean about the edges - Well... if you went softer like I did, went for that out of focus look, you'd see a differnet kind of paint emerge at the end. You'd get to pick and choose what parts were in focus or not, how detailed something was. It would look a little more "real" than something that was uniformly detailed because our regular experience, unlike photographs, picks out only a few things to really look at.
This is a great first day, looks like day 2 is going to be really good!