Thursday, April 24, 2008

Knife Painting

Been a long time. Had little time for painting lately but still taking lessons. I will post a picture that is going to a Cafe in Dadeville to be displayed along with all the other painters in Cheeko's art class. One of our class members decided to do a knife painting and before you knew it, all classes wanted to learn the method. As for me, I was just struggling with my landscape thinking surely she would not ask me to learn this, but lo and behold, she wanted me to learn it too while it was a "hot topic" and she was in the mood to teach it.

Cheeko has a wonderful array of reference material from which we can choose to paint. She encourages those of us who want to experiment and learn and grow in our paintings. She also helps out whenever we don't understand how to paint a passage, she is not shy about coming to our canvas and demonstrating.

This work was done from a Walter Foster Still Life workbook. We change all sorts of stuff about the painting but get the ideas from the set up. These are fun to do. Some of the painters work from their own reference material, but since I am in the learning mode, I still use them to paint from.