Saturday, December 22, 2007

Leaves of Autum

I have been working down at the beach on 2 more leaves. I am learning a lot making these leaves. I am only using primary colors to obtain the colors I need for the image. I found these leaves while on a trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn. where I went with my granddaughter Loren (pronounced Lo-ran, don't forget to make a face like Humphrey Bogart) for a cheerleading competition.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rambling around

I have been so busy with the holiday season, shopping, decorating that I have had little time for artistic pursuits. But, here is a delightful spot I found after reading Robert Genn's Declining Sight email regarding Degas. So, I decided to try googling him and came up with thousands of images, one of which was at , I found a coloring book and colored one of my favorites Van Gogh's Starry Night. Look over to the right under kids activities and find Art Coloring pages. Try it out, I had a good time. You can tile an image on your computer and see if you can follow it by filling in the colors...pretty amazing and a lot of fun.