Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cades Cove

This is a painting that I just finished with in my weekly art class. We work from photos and sometimes non-copywrited material. I get some photos from Wet Canvas, they have a huge reference library of free photos to work with. This took roughly 6 lessons to do. I learned a new technique on this one, we used a sponge to paint in the trees and splattered some of the small close flowerbuds in the foreground. When the picture was finished, I felt like something else was needed, so we added from imagination a little structure.


Susan said...

Sherry, I like this. Wish I could have been there to take the class with you. I so want to do a landscape. The mountains look great - love the cool colors.

Rosemary said...

You have really captured the "feel" of Cades Cove! Lovely painting! Great atmosphere! I have enjoyed this visit to your blog and will be back soon!