Thursday, February 28, 2008


Representing white in a painting is a good exercise in values. White has to have color painted into it so that tonal value and volume can be described. Another beginner painting...OMG, the things that cause me problems: LEAVES and that nebulousness of the floated washes that are supposed to appear as leaves and negative painting of leaves that are not there!! This was hard, but I have to take it easy on myself, because I am trying to learn how to do these techniques. Working with an angled brush helps to diffuse the harder cast shadows, now I need to learn how to work in smaller places with that loaded to one side brush. This was fun. In the middle of painting all this, I guess my husbands frustration with the dinner table being filled with watercolor paper, paints, books, bottles, erasers, pencils, etc. got the best of him, so I moved all my stuff back to my studio...I will send a snapshot of my wall of unfinished paintings. I decided to hang them up so I would look at them often and see if I can get some of them finished.

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